R.C. Frischmann, Inc. can assist you in your air filtration needs working with American Air Filter International.

American Air Filter International (AAF) is the world's largest manufacturer of air filtration products and systems. Products include commercial, industrial and residential air filters; air pollution control equipment and systems. AAF offers a wide range of air filters, dust collectors, and other air pollution control equipment to improve air quality.

AAF product scope is broad: from high-efficiency air filters, to dust collectors, to gas turbine filtration systems. They offer the most advanced technology and skilled application expertise for cleaning air in hospitals, industrial plants, commercial buildings, schools, mailrooms and nuclear power plants, as well as diesel engine filtration systems.

American Air Filter International Products Include:

Pleated Filters AAF International announces a true innovation in the extended surface, pleated panel filter - the PerfectPleat. It is a filter with form and fit unlike any pleated filter in the marketplace today - and with the filtering efficiency you need and expect. Pleated Filter A pleated panel filter often used where higher air cleaning efficiency is desired. Superior dust holding capacity provides top-of-the-line value. Available with Intersept® antimicrobial.

High and medium efficiency extended surface filters particularly well suited for variable air volume systems.

Ideal for Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems. It provides a high level of filtration efficiency in those applications where cleaner air is required. With metal cell sides and a layered synthetic media pack, the VariCel RF offers superior dust holding, moisture resistance, and overall performance.

AAFHigh Efficiency Particulate Air FiltersThe ducted modules are lightweight, disposable HEPA filter ceiling modules. Both are designed for optimum filter performance in cleanrooms with individually ducted modules.

HEPA FilterA self-contained fan/HEPA filter module for cleanroom applications which offers high performance and low operating costs. This backward curved impeller coupled with the AstroCel II LPD series multi-pleat HEPA filter results in the economical delivery of clean air that meets the most demanding industry requirements. It is ideal for upgrading existing cleanrooms or to convert existing space into a cleanroom without additional ductwork or air handling equipment.

A membrane filter designed to meet stringent semiconductor industry Cleanroom filtration requirements for fab's, modular, mini and microenvironments, as stated in the I300I specifications. It was developed to provide extremely high particulate efficiencies combined with low pressure drops and negligible off-gassing properties.

Non-Supported Pocket Filters

IAQ engineered, extended surface, non-supported pocket filter. Synthetic media is available with Intersept® antimicrobial. Wide range of sizes fits all types of air filtration systems. Rated UL Class 1. Non-Supported Pocket Filters

A self-sealing economical single pocket or two pocket cube filter whose design is ideal for a wide variety of applications. The triple-density media design catches and holds more dirt.