R.C. Frischmann, Inc. can assist you in your dust collection needs working with two reputable manufacturers.

Modern industrial processes produce significant quantities of airborne pollutants in all forms -- particulate, gases, vapors, fumes and mists. Many are toxic and concentrations often exceed safe exposure levels . Reducing the pollutants to acceptable levels is critical for the safe operation of many industrial processes and mandatory to meet stringent emission regulations.

American Air Filter International (AAF) offers a complete line of dry and wet dust collection equipment allowing them to recommend the most efficient and economical solutions to environmental problems. AAF's extensive experience with numerous applications and industries ensures their customers receive a dependable, quality system that meets their exact air quality requirements and complies with existing regulations.

United Air Specialists, Inc. (UAS) is a full-line, high-quality manufacturer of Commercial and Industrial Air Cleaning and Dust Collection Equipment, including oil and coolant mist filtration equipment. UAS manufactures products from multiple plant operations and sells through Representatives and Distributors.

Whether it's dust, fumes, or particulate matter, UAS makes the most technologically advanced air filtration systems on the market today. UAS offers a free comprehensive in-plant evaluation and customized recommendations.