R.C. Frischmann, Inc. can assist you in your heating and cooling coil needs working with Aerofin Corporation

Aerofin is a leading manufacturer of finned tube heat exchanger coils and related heat transfer equipment and accessories such as process gas coolers/heaters, transformer oil coolers, fan/coil units, integral face & bypass coils, frames for coil removal capabilities, airside transitions and drain pans.

Aerofin products serve a variety of industries including HVAC, fossil fuel power generation, nuclear power generation, industrial process, pulp & paper, automotive and petrochemical. Applications are evaluated using the latest Windows-based performance and sizing software, which accommodates nearly any heat transfer medium. Coils are designed and fabricated to virtually any size and configuration using a wide array of construction materials. Additionally, all products can be designed and constructed to the stringent requirements of the ASME code including Section I ("S" Stamp), Section III ("N" Stamp, Class 2 or 3), and Section VIII ("U" Stamp) and also to the requirements of Manufacturing License of Boiler and Pressure Vessels for the People’s Republic of China.

With the widest range of fluid-to-air/gas heat exchangers available, Aerofin is well equipped to serve your specialty heat transfer equipment needs.

Integral Face and Bypass Heating Coils - Because the leaving air temperature from the Aeromix® is controlled by directing the airflow across or around the finned tubes, modulation of the steam or fluid is not necessary. This feature maintains adequate steam pressure or fluid velocity for prevention of freeze-up. The Aeromix® provides even air temperature and constant air volume with minimal temperature override. Typical applications include HVAC air preheat, institutional air make-up and roof-mounted penthouse make-up air.

There are two distinct Aeromix® coil types available, most easily differentiated by the tube orientation. The vertical tube Aeromix® is a copper spiral fin design used in larger face area applications, up to 88 square feet. The smaller horizontal tube coil is an aluminum plate fin design used in applications up to 24 square feel in face area.

Tube Coil - Type DP coils are direct expansion type (using refrigerant) which employ distributors that disperse refrigerant equally to all multiple circuits. Parallel/reverse flow ensures superheat. Standard construction is non-ferrous suction header(s), return bends and sweat connections.

Transformer Oil Coolers are specifically designed for the transformer make and model, and the operating conditions. Each cooler unit consists of a coil and cabinet containing one or more direct drive propeller type fans. Standard construction is copper tubes, aluminum or copper fins, roller expanded tube joints, welded carbon steel box headers and threaded connections. Turbulators are used inside the tubes to enhance heat transfer when required.

Nuclear, Safety Related Coils - Coils are available in virtually any commercial alloy with heavy duty seismic construction and total access to internals for maintenance and inspection.