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  Howden Buffalo/New Philadelphia/ Joy Fan Company manufactures a very broad range of axial, centrifugal, and propeller fans from factional HP ventilating type to 15,000 HP mechanical draft designs. The leading manufacturer of Joy/Buffalo axial flow fans that perform in the commercial building, industrial, mining, navy/maritime, tunnel ventilation and wind tunnel markets.  
  Howden Buffalo Products include:    
  Heavy Duty Industrial - Custom Designed Fans for use in Industrial Process Applications Heavy Duty Industrial Fan  

Axial Fans - The Joy / Green Fan Technology has a tradition of quality, service and reliability!

Mine Fans - are designed to provide efficient, dependable ventilation for underground mining.

Axial Fan  
  Navy / Maritime Ventilating - a leading supplier of axial, centrifugal and propeller fans for shipboard ventilation, Howden Buffalo has pioneered many major innovations in shipboard ventilation fan design. Marine Duty Axial Fan back to top
  Nuclear Plant Ventilation - Meeting the requirements of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission related to quality control and quality asurance, including the requirements set forth in
10 C.F.R. 50 Appendix B and ISO 9001 - Howden Buffalo is the leading supplier of ventilation fans for use in Nuclear Power Plants.
Nuclear Plant Ventilation  
  Whisper Vane - Low Noise Fan - Taking advantage of a Howden Cooling Fan's Custom Designed Wheel, HBI engineers envisioned a "smaller" version that would take the Low Noise characteristics, scaled down for ventilation applications such as Parking Garage Exhaust, Air cooled Condensers and Heat Exchangers. Whisper Van Low Noise  
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